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About Us

Hope Notes is a nonprofit, social networking site determined to bring more positivity and purpose to daily online activity through supporting individuals enduring life's struggles, fostering social stewardship, and illuminating healthy behaviors. We are in the approval process for our 501(c)(3) status.

How We Improve Your Life & Our World

Find Support

Hope Notes consolidates advice and resources so you can get the right help you need, right when you need it. We also provide an avenue to connect with those who have experienced your exact struggles and with others for quick messages of comfort to ease a tough day.

Spread Hope

Log on to Hope Notes to share advice with others, rank advice for struggles you’ve overcome, and send uplifting messages to others in need.

Lift Yourself

Access the most positive place in the world with daily positive posts, info and news to lift your overall wellbeing without trudging through the negativity and trivialness of other sites.

How to Get Started

Complete Positivity Profile

Fill out interesting and impactful questions from role models to life lessons to favorite sources of positivity.  Pay it forward by sharing helpful advice you've received. Motivate yourself by focusing on your blessings and aspiration.  Inspire others through sharing your secrets to a happy, healthy life.

Join Support Areas (Groups)

Join groups on focused topics to view ranked advice to ease your own hardships, share good advice you've received (on the groups front wall), rank advice others have posted so that the most helpful advice will be featured at the top.

Send Hope Notes

Respond to message requests for comfort (in the group's forum area) to help those struggling with a unique challenge, those who don't have a support network, or those who simply need a little boost.

Find Ways to Support Loved Ones

Visit Support Areas to view vetted, ranked, appreciated advice chosen by those who have actually endured those same challenges - so that you can find the "right thing to say" to comfort loved ones and ways to actually help them.

Receive Information & Inspiration

Visit Hope Notes' Positivity Place (page link in the left hand panel after registration or login) where we will bring you uplifting and educational posts on a variety of topics to keep you surrounded by positivity, brimming with tips for continued improvement, up-to-date on feel-good viral media, and exclusively invited to useful webinars.

Invite Your Friends

Learn from your friends' experiences and positive resources, share our positivity and spread the word about Hope Notes! As our network grows - so will our shared knowledge bank and so too will your opportunities to help others.

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